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Hello, I'm Antoine,

Your e-commerce ally
for BTC & BTB markets.

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The Internet is a battlefield whose map extends infinitely. Whether it's building your empire, conquering new territories or solidifying your positions, I stand at your side.


Armed with my Master II in Marketing and 8 years of experience, I work with passion on your internet / online store project.


I propose to study your objectives in order to help you design your web-marketing strategy.


According to these tactical recommendations, I will do my utmost to technically build your entire web conquest project.

Relax, I take care of everything !

I'm a full stack e-business builder.

♟️ Web Marketing Strategy

I immerse myself in your project and adapt it to the opportunities of the internet. I implement the best acquisition and conversion strategies, in line with your brand identity. I am able to implement all my recommendations. You have a strategic and operational ally at your disposal and thus gain agility, speed and results.

💻 Website creation

I create responsive websites to show your activities, your services and your achievements. I take care of the website architecture, page structures, UI/UX and production.

#htmlcss #wordpress #squarespace

🛒 Online shops / e-commerce

I build your single-product, multi-product or multi-brand e-shop by applying the best tactics to achieve excellent conversion and repeat rates. Your website will match your identity, coupled with the latest web marketing trends proven on the market.

🔎 Search console / Analytics / SEO

Optimization of SEO: onsite and offsite . Optimization of site weight, meta datas and "Hn". Google Search Console management. Analytics to track your website traffic and visitor behavior.

🤖 Marketing Automation

Save time and money with marketing automation. Marketing automation is the natural extension of growth hacking applied to e-commerce. Among my favorite tools: emailing/sms, conditional forms, order taking with files attachments, LinkedIn scripting for prospecting and automated emails during the purchase cycle.

📦 Logistics / shipping partners

Having a nice shop is great. Sending your orders in 24 hours is even better! I connect your shop to logistics providers, tested and approved by myself. Tracked and fast shipping, stock management, packaging supply, returns and claims management, automatic emails/sms with parcel tracking link.

🖐️ SEA / Social ads / PR / Influencers

Management of your advertising campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook / Instagram Ads and Linkedin Ads. I can also manage your PR and influencers campaigns.

✍🏻 Copywriting 

My knowledge in BTC/BTB sales and communication allows me to write your commercial presentation on internet. Shaping of your offer and your Marketing Mix. Writing SEO friendly texts. Writing of products descriptions. Users reviews acceleration. Wording according to the universe of your brand.

📷 Photos

I shoot your products on a white or color background. Shooting with model(s). On stage or in studio. Photo sourcing. Photo retouching on Adobe Photoshop.

You like real things? Me too.

Here are a few examples of typical achievements.

Online store for a brand


E-commerce website redesign
Website Architecture
Page structure Design / visual identity (excluding logo)
Creation of content, product sheets, photos
Secured payments
Connection to European logistical centre
Setting up a "Business Area"
SEO optimizations, 301 redirects


🎯 E-commerce conversion rate multiplied by 3

🎯 Automated logistics

🎯 Google positions kept despite the migration

Delivery time: 2 months  🔗 link

E-shop btb / btc


E-commerce website redesign
Website Architecture
Pages structure design / visual identity (excluding logo)
Creation of content, product sheets, photos
Secured payments
Implementation of automated logistics partnership
BTB: LinkedIn Automation, automated pre-sales processes
SEO optimizations, 301 redirects
Plugins configuration to increase conversion rate
Multilingual E-shop


🎯 E-commerce conversion rate multiplied by 2

🎯 Multiplication of BTB turnover by 6

🎯 Google positions kept despite overhaul

Delivery time:  3/4months  🔗 voir le site

Multi-brand E-commerce


Architecture of the website and products catalogue
Page structure design / visual identity (excluding logo)
Secured payments
SEO Optimizations


🎯 Clear interface despite a large catalogue

🎯 Google SEO optimized

🎯 Secured orders, automated emails

Delivery time: 1.5  month   🔗 link

Crowdfunding & e-shop


Create a showcase to support the fundraising campaign
To be delivered in 2 weeks
Link with the campaign and social networks
Enhance product design
Highlighting the brand's universe
Advice on the transition from crowdfunding to e-commerce


🎯 1st showcase site delivered under 10 days

🎯 The team has raised 11 times the funds they needed.

🎯 Stable E-commerce

Delivery time : 10 days  🔗 link

Showcase: Service company


Introduce the company and its technical services
Responsive website (adapted for computers and mobiles)
Website Architecture
Pages design / visual identity (without logo)
Co-writing of texts, photo sourcing
Generate inbound contacts
Setting up a professional mailbox


🎯 Responsive and SEO-optimized website

🎯 Specific services clearly presented through case studies

🎯 9% rate of [professional contacts] / [visits]

Delivery time: 3 weeks 🔗 link

Brand Website: Restaurant Franchise


Show the brand identity of the franchise
Presentation of brand's values and menus
Interactive map of the different restaurants
Create a franchised space to push the franchise development
Responsive, SEO optimizations, emails


🎯 Responsive and SEO-optimized website

🎯 Average session length: 2.53 minutes

🎯 Allied to the success of these 4 entrepreneurs: the franchise has grown from 3 to 27 restaurants in only 3 years.

Delivery: 1 month 🔗link

Blog optimized for monetization


Redesign of the website for a responsive design and a better converting of the reader into a client
Website Architecture
Pages Design
Migration of more than 500 blog posts
SEO optimization


🎯 Responsive, clean & structured, SEO-optimized site

🎯 Google positions despite the redesign

🎯 Profitable and sustainable sales tool for its author

Délais : 2 mois 🔗 voir le site

Agency Showcase


Present the company and its services
Website Architecture
Web design / visual identity (without logo)
Portfolio of achievements with a dynamic filter (+20 projects)
News section / agency news
Responsive, SEO optimization, setting up 5 pro email accounts for the agency connected Outlook, Gmail, Apple.
FR / EN Version


🎯 Responsive, clear, structured and SEO-optimized site

🎯 Average visiting time 4:30 min

🎯 Stable website for 5 years

Delivered in 2015, design not updated. Delivery time: 1.5 months 🔗 link

and more than 20 others managed projects

consutling - marketing - e-shop - website - logistic - blog

I have been their web-marketing / e-commerce ally.

Attentive, responsive and flexible, Antoine was not only an excellent performer, he was also a real force of advice and proposals. Rare enough to be underlined in this profession, he sticked to the deadlines! What a positive thought to remember this collaboration.

Thibault Longueville - Co-Founder @ Zeeloft

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Antoine was able to identify the key aspects we wanted to show on our eshop. His good advice as well as his very short deadlines convinced us! The website built by Antoine served as a great showcase and reinforced our brand image during our crowdfunding project funded at 382.341CA$.

Alexandre L'Herbette - Founder @ Outline Montreal

His work is of high quality and deadlines have always been respected. He knows how to create showcase and e-commerce sites that are ergonomic, simple, efficient and that display perfectly on all devices (computers, tablets, mobiles). His experience of the web and marketing allows him to provide relevant strategic advises upstream of the creation phase.

Julien Licata - CMO @ Pizza Cosy


I showed Antoine my creations and he did everything at my image: brand name, logo, visual identity, business cards and above all a very nice website!

Antoine is a pro in his field with enormous qualities such as listening, speed and a commitment respected to the letter!

For the dummies in computer science and marketing, he is a savior!

Annabelle Baleston - Creator @ Les Bois du Cap

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Antoine designed my company's website. He was able to offer me the formats and types of content adapted to my needs. His advises are very relevant, and he quickly understood my problems, even though he didn't know my field of activity. He trained me so that I could be maintain my website by myself, which allowed me to discover a whole world and a vocabulary that I didn't know. With Antoine, we have more than a website.

Louis Chardigny - Manager @ Ressoursys

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Antoine and I built a SaaS together, working remotely. During our 7 months long collaboration, I was at the forefront to witness Antoine’s ability to impact significantly all business growth areas. His capacity to think out of the box and his inexhaustible knowledge of digital marketing and e-commerce was a real asset toward profitability. Six years laters we still keep in touch. Antoine definitely is a proficient professional to work with!

PM M'Rabet @ Data Senior Consultant

antoine charrier webmaster

Antoine Charrier

Your webmarketing / e-commerce Ally


tel/WA +33 777 89 95 89

Do you need someone to kickstart/boost your BTC/BTB online sales ?

I am open to opportunities for freelance contracts, remote employee, business contribution, association.

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